Wendy Davis: Just Another Leftist Moron

Image: Texas - Sen. Wendy Davis filibusterLeave it to the racist Democrats to make a star out of a woman who enjoys killing black babies.

Don’t think that Wendy “The Black Baby Slayer” Davis doesn’t know what she is doing. After all, white Democrat women who commit genocide on black children get AWARDS!

Don’t believe me? Just ask Hillary Clinton, recipient of the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Genocide Parenthood.

Why shouldn’t Wendy Davis follow in the footsteps of the Democrat icon and Southern Belle (by way of marriage), Hillary Clinton, a terrific role model for the modern-day White Women’s Movement, and more gentile version of the Klan.

What exactly does the Liberals’ newest poster child for feminism plan to do with her new found fame?

Well, when you stand up for the death of children, why not run for one of the two political offices that controls life and death: Governor or as Ed Schultz suggested, president!

And this Leftist idiot is too obtuse to realize that she is the walking billboard for LIFE. Davis was raised by a single mother, who didn’t opt to abort her.

Just goes to show that even you have a Harvard education, you aren’t necessarily smart.

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