The Zimmerman Case Exposes Black Racism

The idea that black people will riot over the Zimmerman case should be an embarrassment to blacks.

Unfortunately, far too many black Liberals are waiting to riot, hoping for the opportunity — like it’s a sale day at Macy’s. Obama did promise hope.

Neither white people nor Latinos will riot, if Zimmerman is convicted. They have better things to do. Apparently many black people have nothing better to do.

It’s not necessarily the fault of black Liberals for being so stupid. The Democrats insured this level of absurdity. The idea that one case of a black teen being killed in some obscure town in America and we are back in the racially charged ‘60s.

It goes to show you that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Democrats have all but insured the black Liberal derangement: black Liberals behaving like Pavlov’s dogs, salivating at the ringing of the bell of racism.

The ease with which Democrats and their operatives can so easily play black people is what should make America afraid.

To get a race of people to riot over a case of an overzealous neighborhood watchman shooting and killing a teen who attacked him takes some doing. If you remove the race elements from this story, black people would have as much interest in this case as they would reruns of The Lawrence Welk Show.

Yet here we are. The Zimmerman case front and center—a 21st Century OJ trial, except this one black people want the defendant declared guilty.

Thousands of black teens have been murdered since Martin’s death, yet Liberals have chosen to fixate on Martin’s death? Black Liberals should ask themselves why they have disproportionate emotion in this case versus the thousands of others.

Hadiya Pendleton
Hadiya Pendleton

Recall the young girl, Hadiya Pendleton who had visited with Obama at the White House, then two weeks later was unceremoniously gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Chicago? If only her murderer had been Zimmerman!

However, since her killer was likely black, there were no t-shirts with her face printed on them. Nor the almost countless other nameless, faceless black youth who are now just as dead as Trayvon Martin. Do their families not grieve? Do their deaths not demand justice?

Don’t expect the great uniter to showcase leadership in the Zimmerman case. Obama will allow the racist attitudes of Liberals to flourish. That is the glue that binds him to black people, a group to whom he has shown little, real concern.

Luckily for him, black people only care about Obama’s blackness.

It’s difficult to fathom that blacks have fought so hard against racism, only to become the most racist people in the country. Black Liberals don’t care about justice for Zimmerman, because he is the wrong color.

Truth be told, if Zimmerman were black, this case would be over and he would be a free man.

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