100 Words On: Chris Matthews Is A Republican

Or is Steve Schmidt a Democrat? Between GOP elites and Democrats today, who  can tell the difference?

Author’s note: Yesterday, I angered a lot of people. Apparently, it was  not very clear in my post that my remark about Ted Cruz was sarcasm. It was  sarcasm. Ted Cruz is not an idiot. If he is, then I am an idiot as well. 

Oh, Chris Matthews.
I used to be able to use MSNBC on my show a  ton. Now it’s kind of sad. I have a one-hour, once-per week talk show in  a mid-market radio town, and I would bet I am putting up similar numbers to  MSNBC. I know I’m beating Ed Schultz like a red-headed  stepchild. Ironically.
But Chris Matthews has dug out of his  foxhole at LGBTQRSMSDNC to let us all know that Ted Cruz is like Joe McCarthy,  and that he is a “terrorist”. Why is Ted Cruz a terrorist? Well, because he wants to bring the growth of government to a halt.

First of all, what the hell does Chris Matthews depend on government for, other than the central figure in his religion?
But is Matthews’ rhetoric the most interesting  part? Nope, not even on his show!
Agreeing with Matthews that defunding Obamacare is irresponsible is Steve Schmidt, the campaign manager for one John  McCain. No wonder John McCain won such a resounding victory…
The friend  of my enemy is my enemy.


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