100 Words On: Ted Cruz Is An Idiot

According to a blog called Rare, (It’s red at the center, and that’s actually pretty clever. I hear Weiner started a blog called “pink in the middle”..) Ted Cruz has been surprised by the defeatism in the Republican Party.

Ted Cruz is surprised because he believes one fundamental untruth: Republicans want to beat Democrats. The real truth is only two letters off: Republicans want to be Democrats.

Think about Chris Christie’s “chew the fat” tour with Obama around Sandytown. Now think about his chastising of Rand Paul, and his calling the “libertarian streak” in the party “dangerous”.

Think about John McCain, this week, walking into a meeting of Democrats…to applause.

Think about this phrase, uttered by our candidate, in a debate he supposedly won:

“I like government regulation”.

Ted Cruz should know there is defeatism in the GOP. They have wasted all their energy trying to defeat conservatives.

Just like they tried to do to him.


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