100 Words On: Turning Media Tides?

latenightneonsignHave you heard the news? Late-night Comics have turned on Democrats!

No they haven’t.

Truth is, they are only making jokes, for the most part, because the news about the administration and other prominent Democrats is either too bad or too sick to ignore.

Let’s review: Anthony Weiner

Thus endeth the review.

Just kidding! We also have the NSA, IRS, AP, Benghazi, Yemen, Filner, 2016, etc…

Late-night television is by no means a political barometer or an effective measure of public sentiment, but it is a fun little side note. Also, it throws the bias of the mainstream media into very sharp relief.

See, the casual voter gets a lot of his media consumption from sources like this, and if they are at least starting to rib the President, it may help sow the seeds of doubt.

My take: Don’t count on it. It’s not the late-night funny men’s job to be fair, it’s their job to funny, and they are almost universally liberal. It will calm down closer to 2014 and 2016. Although this might present a toe in doubt’s door for your average Democrat voter about their party, they still have their mind made up about the GOP.

Thank God the party elites are doing so much to change that. Sorry, couldn’t resist throwing in a punchline of my own.


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