2 Sides of Conservative Strategy

The Right has been engaged in a bit of infighting lately, regarding the wisdom of pushing to defund Obamacare.  

As always,  both sides seem to be reasonable, but disagree on very important details.

For example, this current battle pits people who view the defunding of Obamacare not just as important, but as morally imperative, against those who believe in a more calm, measured approach to achieving the same end.  Of course, this dichotomy exists for every issue, simply to greater and lesser degrees.

However, this particular issue clearly delineates the two major groups on the right when it comes to strategy.

The “defund now” camp are impatient with the Republicans. They note, in this particular debate, that the Republican-controlled house has the power of the purse strings. Generally, the GOP is seen as weak, impotent and unwilling to take risks to push its agenda.

They see the Republican leadership as taking conservative support for granted while failing to adhere to a conservative platform. Actions taken by Republican politicians that are contradictory to their professed principles are betrayals.

The “other side”on the right, while more patient as a whole, also tries to see the long term strategy behind issues. In this particular instance, defunding Obamacare is viewed as a rash action, one that has no conceivable long-term benefit. Politics is viewed as more complex, with politicians taking certain votes more for their constituents than their personal principles. It recognizes that conservatism, whether true or not, can be seen as strident and uncaring.

Both sides (perhaps unfortunately) have valid points to make.

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