A Strong Black Woman

A Strong Black Woman – from Tales From a Tribble

I am blessed to be married to the fetching Sheralyn.  A wonderful woman who is not only fetching on the outside but also a beautiful person beneath the skin.  She is a deeply religious Christian, independent thinking woman who does not cower to any politically correct position she supposedly should have to take as a black woman.  She thinks for herself and will not back down from her beliefs at the fear of being ostracized for not being liberal enough, or for not supporting the Democrat Party.  My wife, Sheralyn Denise, is a strong black woman!  I am blessed to be her husband and love her deeply.

A couple of weeks ago she called in this local radio talk show [using her middle name Denise], the Michael Berry show, and immediately became Michael’s caller of the week with her independent, no holds barred opinions.


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