Beyoncé Booed for Making Fans Wait in the Rain for Her Concert

BeyoncéWhen you’re royalty, it’s fashionable to make your subjects wait.

President Barack Obama is notoriously tardy, and now we find out that Queen Bey, aka Beyoncé, who is normally used to being worshiped and adored, left thousands of very unhappy British peons waiting for her in the rain this past weekend.

The diva/songstress headlining at Britain’s Virgin Media’s V Festival, held at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, England, apparently had zero guilt about letting her fans stand in a wet, windy downpour. Some reports say it was an hour, others say 20 minutes.

Not for nothing, but people should give the girl a break! Now that her hair is cut, maybe Mrs. Carter was backstage making sure that nothing else jutting off of her person would get caught in a stage fan like her hair extensions recently did during a concert in Montreal, Canada.

Whatever the reason for the delay, in the eyes of the audience, apparently the Halosinger’s halo is no longer there, because when her Highness finally arrived she was greeted with a deluge of heckling and hissing.

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