Chris Lane, Shorty Belton, and now Jason Paul

Chris Lane, Shorty Belton, and now Jason PaulBy Taleeb Starkes

It is now confirmed that a 16-year-old urban terrorist with an extensive rap sheet is responsible for the death of 22-year old, Jason Taylor Paul.

Although “boredom” wasn’t invoked as an explanation, his motive was far more sinister and just as sadistic. He was angry and “just wanted to kill the first person he saw.”

According to


Clearwater Police announced the arrest of 16-year-old Mychal King on Thursday.  He is accused in the January murder of Jason Taylor Paul, the city’s first homicide of 2013.

Police said King admitted to killing Paul for no reason other than he had a hard day with his family that night of January 6, and “just wanted to kill the first person he saw.”

 Police say 22-year-old Jason Taylor Paul was stabbed multiple times while riding his bike home from work late.

Paul is yet another societal asset inducted into a growing fraternity that Chris Lane, the Aussie, and WWII veteran “Shorty” Belton joined earlier this month.

Ironically, Shorty Belton survived a foreign enemy at the Battle for Okinawa decades ago… only to die at the hands of a domestic enemy.

Even though this fraternity is one that no inductee knowingly joins, its membership will continue to grow because the club’s founders operate with impunity.

Who are the founders?

Well, they belong to the criminal and violent subculture that exists unchallenged within the Black community. Furthermore, they do not value life and habitually uses violence as a coping mechanism. However, the most frustrating aspect of their existence is that they’re protected by sympathizers and empowered by liberal policies.

Had Jason Paul been armed and defended himself with deadly force, the sympathizers, and mainstream media would’ve still castigated him despite Florida being a Stand Your Ground state.

Meanwhile, the urban terrorist would be deified and portrayed as another victim of the pervasive White-on-Black crime wave, which doesn’t exist.

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