Duck Dynasty Wedding: Phil and Miss Kay Renew Their Vows

Oh but we are a Ducky Nation: America and this editor L-O-V-E us some Duck Dynasty!

In a recent episode, Daddy Phil Robertson and his Miss Kay were given the surprise wedding they never had (they were married before a Justice of the Peace).

While brainstorming anniversary present ideas for Phil and Kay, the Robertson wives decided a surprise wedding would fill the bill, much to Willie, Jase, Jep and Si’s chagrin. All they needed was someone special to distract Phil and his bride while the family transformed their yard into a wedding bower.

Uncle Si was The Distraction as the rest of the Robertson clan and Duck Commander employees helped organize and decorate.

Si finally managed to find a tree on Memory Lane that Phil and Kay actually remembered!

Then came the last stop and big surprise: the wedding with a pastor (son Alan Robertson) and friends they never had when the 2 got married in 1966!

And that is how it’s done. 2 people, devoted to God and each other, and in it for the long haul.

Hollywood might be deluded enough to imagine Americans want to see vulgar, near porn performances on music award shows, but the truth is, fly-over folks, aka God-fearing, America-loving patriots want the good stuff.

Phil and Miss Kay model the faith and humor and character that made America great. Watching the Robertson clan touches our hearts because they exemplify the spiritual and moral foundation this nation was built upon.

Duck Dynasty may be just a reality show, but it’s a show that reaffirms what so many Americans believe. The Shining City on a Hill come to life in West Monroe, Louisiana.

So the Hollywood movers and shakers be hanged…

As for me and my people, we’ll be watching Duck Dynasty. 


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