Elbert Guillory Announces the Free at Last PAC

Elbert Guillory heartened conservatives from coast to coast in late May when he announced he had switched from the Democrat party to the Republican party, and became the FIRST black Republican senator in Louisiana since Reconstruction (1865-1877)!

Next LA Senator Guillory hit it out of the park with his “Why I am a Republican” video.

With his latest video announcing the Free at Last Pac, Guillory is hitting for the cycle…just watch!

“In July of 1776, a brave group of rebels, decided they’d had enough of King George’s tyranny.”

“The poor cry out ‘How will we eat?’ and the king’s solution is always the same: let us tax the rich. And the rich get poorer. And the poor get poorer. And the only one who gets rich is the king.”

Senator Guillory articulates the concepts of liberty and competition and the genius of the Constitution as the constrictive reins for government. A marvelous and uplifting video to watch over and over and share!

Let’s make liberty go viral!



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