Hey GOP: Don’t Mess With Texas!

Don_t_Mess_With_TexasBy Spencer Finch

Everything is bigger in Texas– except the government, unemployment rate, and taxes.

The state has no personal income tax, comparatively few regulations on business, and the dollar in general just seems to go a little farther.

In contrast from the days of the Dust Bowl, people are fleeing the bankrupt cities of California for the hopes of a fresh start in Texas. With so many great things going for the state, who would really want things to change? Enter the Democratic Party.

Texas has been seen as the Republican Party’s safety net. As the largest Republican controlled state and with the second most votes in the electoral college, Texas is powerful. This power, however, should not be taken lightly.

Democrats have a dream to turn Texas purple or even blue. They have enlisted the same people who have worked in battleground states across the country in a campaign called “Battleground Texas.”

I know it is everyone’s first reaction to completely blow this effort off, but think about how much damage a blue Texas…

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