Hillary Clinton: MSM Starts Their Campaign Blitz

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, knows that Hillary Clinton is planning to run for that elusive presidential slot in 2016.

Rumors have been flying about cosmetic procedures and make-overs. One thing is certain, Hillary plays to win — just ask Vince Foster. In fact, ask a wake of cast-offs from the Clinton’s path to power.

But, as if Hillary’s insatiable quest for power and “the win” were not enough, Main Stream Media is jockeying to help…surprise, surprise.

CNN has commissioned a Hillary Clinton documentary while NBC Entertainment has produced “Rodham,” a feature film about the former First Lady, and an NBC miniseries starring Diane Lane as Clinton.

CNN’s Candy Crowley has misgivings concerning the CNN Hill-Doc:

“You can say all you want, this is a commissioned documentary from people who are not in the employ of CNN. It’s not me. It’s not Wolf Blitzer. It’s not John King. It’s an outside documentary group. But we’re with CNN and so this is not a story where the nuances are well-received, particularly by Republicans.”

Politico’s Patrick Gavin writes:

In reference to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus’s criticism of both CNN and NBC and his threat to not partner with either network for 2016 primary debates, Crowley said that, in part, “what Reince is saying has to be looked at through a political prism,” and that Priebus has other motivations in tweaking the debate formats.

“Let’s remember how much they hated the last primary season debates, like more than 20 of them. And their real feeling was that Mitt Romney, who came out the winner of a pretty bruising season and a lot of bruising debates, which were then taken and put into Democratic commercials for President Obama, that they took a look and said, ‘We’ve got to stop these really divisive primaries. We can’t have this many debates.’ And I think this is the beginning of that.”

Still, Crowley said Priebus is mistaken on what the ultimate outcome will be.

“Reince Priebus, I think, is wrong when he suggests — I know he’s wrong — when he suggests that what CNN is trying to do is boost the [Democratic National Committee]. It’s just not. It’s programming. She’s a good story.

Viewers want to know. Politically, it makes it very difficult for me. But I think it is also being used by the chairman — who I consider a friend — to continue to try to shape what 2016 will look like and to try to control those debates, pick the moderators he wants to have at those debates.”

Protest though Candy might, Chris Wallace agrees with Reince Priebus:

“There’s a presumption here, but quite frankly I share the presumption, which is, particularly the miniseries with Diane Lane portraying Hillary Clinton, is going to make her look good. I don’t think they’re going to do a four-part miniseries to beat up on Hillary Clinton. I think the general assumption in Washington is she’s going to run for president, so it’s going to help her. … Having said that, do I think it’s going to be a major factor in whether she’s elected president? No.”

Sure it won’t help Hillary, just like Candy Crowley’s agreeing with Obama’s FALSE assertion vis-à-vis “I called Benghazi a terrorist attack the very next day in the Rose Garden” during her moderation of the 2012 Presidential debate didn’t help the President secure re-election.

The 2016 Presidential Election will be a dog fight. The GOP better nominate a Big Dog tough enough to beat Hillary, the Left’s “never down for the count” Junk Yard Dog. And now Republicans can count on an MSM campaign blitz for Ms. Clinton. Is the Right ready to rumble?


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