Hillary Should Shun Black President

obama-hillary-dunkThe former Press Secretary for Barack Insane Obama says that Hillary should distance herself from Obama.

Appearing Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Gibbs was asked by host David Gregory how Hillary should position herself to President Barack Obama.

“Listen, if her campaign becomes an extension really of either her husband’s term or the current president’s term, it’s not necessarily a good deal for her,” Gibbs responded.

And run on that stellar foreign policy that has the Middle East in shambles and the United States a world joke?

Hillary and Obama are siblings in the eye of the public, and black people support Hillary BECAUSE she was willing to take abuse from a black man…PUBLICLY!

Hillary’s relationship with black people is tenuous and based solely on being married to “the first black president,” and then by her public flogging by “the real first half-black president.”

By distancing herself from Barack Obama, Hillary might as well run as a Republican. She will no more choose the Gibbs’ strategy than she would stop using the N-word privately. Taint gonna happen.

Further, Obama’s illegal Organizing For America organization will prove to be more of a burden to Hillary than it will be for the Republican nominee…OFA will drag Hillary around by the short hairs.

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