In 2007 Israel Bombed Syria’s Nuclear Program Out of Existence

IDF stops nuclear war

By Jeff Dunetz

IDF stops nuclear warIsrael has this “nasty” habit of preventing Nuclear War, or at the very least preventing tyrants from having the opportunity of using nuclear weapons against the United States or their own people.

In 1981 the tiny nation of Israel executed a military plan which was roundly criticized across the world (including the United States). It was only with the hindsight of history that we can now say that Menachem Begin’s decision to bomb an Iraqi nuclear reactor may have saved the world from a Saddam Hussein with nuclear weapons.

One week short of six years ago we were told that SOMETHING happened in the Syrian desert. Israel was silent and Syria told a tale which changed more often than the IRS changes it’s tune about the tea party targeting scandal.

First they said that the IAF dropped a fuel tank in the Syrian desert, then they bombed a strategic location, then they bombed a warehouse, then Syria said that there was NO Raid, blamed the US for the attacks, and they finally said the IDF bombed nothing important, just a construction site.

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