Intellectual Frog Legs: The Conservative’s Guide to the Galaxy

Our favorite no-holds-barred, Appalachian media pundit, Joe Dan Gorman, is at it again with The Conservative’s Guide to the Galaxy!

As Joe Dan says:

…the ‘basis’ of Froglegs is to be covertly educational with humor, wicked cool graphics and classic tunage.
And we’re not following the media narrative…or chasing the ‘media-driven outrage of the day”—- but we will talk about things that matter, from the historical to the hysterical.

I have no allegiance to a political party…my allegiance is to God, truth and freedom…. Oh, and funny stuff. LOL

The best part…I get to ridicule liberals, atheists and other assorted anti-American jackasses. How fun.

Commenting on the Royal Family (Queen Michelle and Prince Curtain Rod):

These guys sent a private plane to pick up their dog…either that or Obama was ordering out!

Joe Dan never disappoints — his irreverence and humor doled out with a Southern drawl within Conservative’s Guide make for some mighty fine entertainment and education

Go ahead. Grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage, and take 20 minutes to watch. You will laugh, you will smile, and hopefully you’ll be fired up enough to go FROGGY!

IFL Conservative's Guide



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