Intellectual Froglegs: Conservative when convenient! (Video)

MentalPatientsOur good friend, Joe Dan Gorman serves up some irreverent news and what’s happening with a healthy helping of humor on Intellectual Froglegs!

Joe Dan describes IFL’s origin and content:

My name is Joe Dan Gorman, and you can blame me for Intellectual Froglegs. I created it, I write & produce it…and I host it. So, it’s pretty much my fault.

In case you haven’t seen it yet— the ‘basis’ of Froglegs is to be covertly educational with humor, wicked cool graphics and classic tunage.

And we’re not following the media narrative…or chasing the ‘media-driven outrage of the day”—- but we will talk about things that matter, from the historical to the hysterical.

I have no allegiance to a political party…my allegience is to God, truth and freedom…. Oh, and funny stuff. LOL

The best part…I get to ridicule liberals, atheists and other assorted anti-American jackasses. How fun.
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The most flattering compliment I get is when someone asks me to ‘thank my staff’… but as far as the writing, editing, researching and production of the show… I’m it. I also do all the website work.

I’ll steal jokes like a democrat, LOL…

I like the way you think brother!

Enjoy Joe Dan’s “Conservative when convenient…” the latest Intellectual Froglegs installment.

“And then we have the Congressional Black Caucus…now there’s a productive group of people. Well they’ve just made a recommendation to replace Janet Napolitano as Director of Homeland Security…they have suggested Sheila Jackson Lee!”

Note to Joe Dan…some things/people just ruin a perfectly good name! 


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