Kneel to the Teacher but Not to God

KneelingIt’s no secret how I feel about wackademia in America. It’s a government-sanctioned racket.

They steal money and teach our children very little.

Public schools are government indoctrination centers meant to teach children how NOT to think for themselves. Public schools in America are one step above prisons. And if the schools are in minority communities, then they are indeed minimum security prisons, with evening furloughs, or on-ramps to maximum security prison.

So when I heard that a public school in CA makes its student kneel, I wasn’t surprised.

Here is how it was reported in Breitbart:

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Claiming it was a “safety policy,” California elementary public school principal Dana Carter instituted a policy that required his students to “kneel down on one knee and wait for the principal or another administrator to dismiss them.” One parent claimed that her daughter was forced to kneel before the principal “like a king” with her hands at her side until Carter came out, lifted his arms, and told students to go to class.

The policy was revoked. But so what. The idea that any administrator would think they could get away with this for even an instant, shows one of the glaring problems we have in wackademia.

But God-forbid any child KNEEL  TO PRAY!




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