Lecherous Leftist Men and their Enablers

The Liberal War on Women continues in full force. These knuckleheads want America to believe that people like Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner and…

…most recent bad boy Bob Filner are aberrations, when in fact they are the norm.

Even when misogynist men are discovered by their Leftist enablers, they get to do silly things like retain “spiritual advisers,” who are just as lecherous as those they advise. When they don’t rate spiritual advisers, there is always rehab!

That is where former Congressman and current San Diego mayor, Bob Filner, wants to do his penance. It’s only taken him 70 YEARS to realize he has a problem treating women with respect. I wonder how long he would have lasted if he were a Republican?

Here is a snapshot of some who have come forward:

Nine women, including a university dean and a retired Navy rear admiral, have gone public in the past month with accusations that Filner cornered them and made unwanted sexual advances that included groping and slobbering kisses. At least five renewed their calls for Filner to resign after he pledged to begin therapy.

How many NOW-generation, “I am woman hear me roar” women have said nothing as Filner groped, propositioned, and otherwise stalked them? Note how ONE woman reported Filner, now we get the litany of others. Why hadn’t they come forward sooner?

Nancy Pelosi spoke out recently against both men, men whom she presided over when she was Speaker of the House, and both men were in Congress. Of course Pelosi is “just learning of this.” There is no way that anybody tipped her off about the bad behavior of her Congressional “chirrens.” America is supposed to believe that Clinton, Weiner, Filner, et al just suddenly began treating women like objects?

There is a War on Women, being waged by feminists. Who can blame the Clintons, Weiners, and Filners for testing the waters. Isn’t that what the Women’s Movement was all about, making things equal? Feminists have created more Clintons, Weiners, and Filners.

Welcome to the world that feminists created. And as with all things from the Left, feminists no longer want to be known as feminists. Truth be told, they love their lecherous men.




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