Motown – Dead Ahead! Keep Left!

detroit_motor_cityBy Servative

If there’s anything to be learned from the downfall of Motown, the former jewel of American free enterprise, it’s that we need more unfettered government interference in our nation and its cities, right?

Or not! But this is what we’re hearing now – it’s the market’s fault. Clearly though, that’s just an excuse. Something else must be going on here, because somehow – absent any kind of government coercion, regulation, redistribution, or health-care program – Detroit came to be in the first place.

Absent government control, the automobile industry sprang forth. Absent government regulation, the city developed. Absent government health-care programs, many people came to have health-care.

The community thrived for one reason – productivity! It built a product with a balance of features that most people wanted and constrained by a price that most people could afford. The industry built the product efficiently – by reducing costs, in a manner that provided both benefits and profit; profit – the price of productivity.

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