Obama Committed a Hate Crime — Against Himself!

Because a rodeo clown named Tuffy Gessling taunted a bull while wearing an Obama mask, Mary Ratliff, the head of the Missouri NAACP called for the US Justice Department and the Secret Service to investigate because Ratliff believes Tuffy is “guilty of inciting violence against the president.” 

Ms. Ratliff also called the clown’s actions “a hate crime.”

Thus far, President Obama, the butt of the rodeo joke, has remained silent on the subject. One would think that because, under any other circumstance, a clown costume would be considered all in good fun, Barack Obama, who wore a similar mask for a Saturday Night Live comedy skit back on November 3, 2007, would come to Tuffy’s defense, and call off the race baiters.


But he hasn’t and he won’t.  That’s why it’s good to revisit history.

Seems that a year almost to the day before the historic 2008 election, doing a comedic turn in a skit depicting a Halloween party at Hillary and Bill’s Chappaqua home, a man showed up wearing a Barack Obama mask.

That man turned out to be Senator Barack Obama who said, “I have nothing to hide.”

Wow! Five years later, Barack Obama saying that he’s got “nothing to hide,” is even funnier than Darrell Hammond, who played Bill Clinton, calling Hillary Clinton, dressed as a bride, played by Amy Poehler, a witch.

Delighting the SNL audience, rather than avoid the bull, Obama threw a little of his usual bull around when he said, “I enjoy being myself. I’m not going to change who I am just because it’s Halloween.”

The hindsight translation for that joke is this: Barack Obama is just as scary with or without the mask.

Nonetheless, if Barack Obama had even the slightest bit of integrity, he’d call off the racist pit bulls and put this silly controversy to rest.

Why? Because if Tuffy Gessling committed a hate crime by wearing an Obama mask, than in 2007, on Saturday Night Live, to get a laugh, the Barack Obama clown committed a hate crime against himself.

Thus, maybe it’s time our post-racial president joined Tuffy and the rest of the clowns for sensitivity training.



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