Nancy Pelosi and Progressives’ Contempt for Motherhood

Progressives hate motherhood and Nancy Pelosi’s most recent comments prove it.

I have no interest in rehashing the mommy wars of the nineties in which professional working moms and stay-at-home moms battled it out for the “Mother of the Year award”. Quite frankly, as a mom of seven, who has worked at least part-time for the majority of my mommy-ing years, I come down on both sides of that debate and believe all loving mothers deserve accolades for their hard work.

But like 62% of working mothers, I believe that motherhood is the higher calling and inherently produces a far greater level of personal satisfaction than any outside job possibly could. Apparently children agree. As statistics bear out, children who have a stay-at-home parent, experience less stress and anxiety, perform better at school and have an overall heightened sense of well-being.

However, when it comes to progressive politicians – predominantly those who are in the business of social engineering like Nancy Pelosi – there is a palpable disparagement for full-time mothers.

Last Saturday, during NPR’s Weekend Edition, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke about her recently announced “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds: An Economic Agenda for Women and Families”.  When discussing the need to provide state-funded universal daycare, Pelosi lamented, “When the children are in preschool, that frees parents to earn without carrying the burden of the child care.

I would love to ask Pelosi which part of parenting she considers burdensome? We already know from her unequivocal support of abortion which she passionately defends as “sacred territory”, that she considers pregnancy to be a parasitic inconvenience.

And then there are the toddler years for which she bemoans the fact that “families are generally left on their own for providing child care”. I have a news flash for Ms. Pelosi. Prior to the big-government era, before entitlements and welfare began eating away at the fabric of society, parents embraced their God-given role as providers for their family. They were left alone to provide for their children…and they liked it that way.

But thanks to progressives, and their nanny-state mentality, children are now herded into government institutions earlier and earlier in life. Just last February, President Obama proposed a birth to Kindergarten early learning program as part of his cradle-to-college education continuum, in spite of recent studies which reveal there is no long-term benefit from government run programs like Head Start.

So what’s the rush? Why the urgency to get children out of the hands of parents, primarily mothers, and into the hands of the State? Clearly statists believe they are more capable of raising our children than we are. And therein lies the rub. As long as we parents embrace our God-given right to raise and nurture our own children, instilling in them our deeply regarded values, passing on our faith and priorities, we represent a grave threat to the progressive agenda. This brings us back to the liberal’s disdain for motherhood.

You see, the left scorns that which threatens them. You support the NRA…you’re a second class citizen. You belong to the Tea Party… you’re a greater threat than the Taliban. You’re pro-life… then you’re anti-women. They create hyperbolic labels which if repeated often enough, become indisputable accepted fact.

So far, progressives haven’t been bold enough to attach a disparaging label to the stay-at-home parent. They know the backlash would be too great; but the scorn is still there. It’s in unguarded moments, when speaking off the cuff, that the veil is lifted and we catch a glimpse of their contempt for motherhood.

Who can forget President Obama, when trying to make the case for unregulated abortion rights, referred to an unplanned child as a punishment . “I don’t want my daughter to be punished with a baby,” he said when insisting that his daughter, should she become pregnant, must have abortion access.

Then there were the comments that came out of last year’s presidential election. First there was democratic strategist Hillary Rosen describing full-time mother Ann Romney as “never having worked a day in her life,” followed by liberal sycophant Bill Maher’s description of stay-at-home moms as “women too lazy to get out of bed in the morning and actually do something.”

Perhaps nothing spoke more loudly than the Democratic National Committee’s ban of babies from their three-day convention last September. How painfully ironic that the political party which is so eager to remind us of their ostensive pro-child policies, prohibited the very ones they claim to champion.

So why should we be surprised when Nancy Pelosi refers to mothering as a “burden?” When you’re a progressive working to build a government utopia, you label anything that requires hard work, selflessness, and sacrifice, as a burden. Higher education loans, school lunches, housing, transportation…add the word “burden” and you’ve spontaneously created a political cause to defend and a victim group to manipulate.

Which is precisely what Pelosi and fellow progressives are trying to do to full-time parents – mothers or fathers.

By labeling the care and keeping of our children as a “burden” they can then make the case that only through another big-government program can we parents be rescued. According to their worldview, there’s no significance in reading Peter Rabbit, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, telling bedtime stories, or playing Old Maid for the umpteenth time. There’s no meaning in matching tiny socks, changing crib sheets, cleaning spilled juice or cutting purple grapes into tiny pieces.

Motherhood is both a gift and a privilege, but it’s also a position of control. There’s truth in the saying that “She who rocks the cradle rules the world.” And as long as stay-at-home parents – be it moms or dads – make a career of parenting, the progressives will feel threatened. It’s all about control -control of our children, our future, and ultimately our individual freedoms.

If Nancy Pelosi had her way, children – should they be fortunate enough to be born – would go directly from the womb to government-run institutions where they can be brought up as clones of her progressive utopian state.

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