Sharpton Backtracking on Martin Race-Baiting

In reading about Sharpton’s comments, essentially saying that the only reason he racialized the Trayvon Martin case is the parents called him, I was reminded of Flip Wilson’s “the Devil made me do it.”

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“If the police in Sanford had acted justly, maybe Trayvon Martin’s parents wouldn’t have had a grievance and called me and others to come publicize their demands…” – Al Sharpton

Martin’s parents: Sharpton acts as if he can’t say no. “Hey Rev Al, would you please race-bait about the death of our hoodrat son?”

Sharpton: Sure, when should I be there? Oh, and you will have my money, right?”

Holy ghost of the Tawanna Brawley story! I predicted a few days ago that Sharpton would begin backtracking, and Obama will drop this story all together.

Interested in getting the truth out?

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