Tax-Cheat Rangel Says College Should Be Free

Charlie Rangel says that kids should not have to pay for college, and he’s right. Because American students would get what they didn’t pay for…NOTHING!

Truth be told, Liberals would love to offer free “education,” as fresh coeds each year is a perk for professors. The government gets what it wants, which is (1) drones, or (2) zombies. The difference between a drone and a zombie is simply the Liberal Arts degree they get. Drones get their Bachelors, while zombies shoot for Masters and PhDs.

What’s interesting about Charlie “I Ain’t Paying MY Taxes” Rangel is that he wants education to be free, as long as you have paid for it in your taxes.

One of my European friends bragged about having no expense for school or medical costs, and I asked how much she paid in taxes. She said about $25K per year. So I did the math for her and suggested that if she paid $25K for 40 years, would she have spent $1M for education, and the birth of her one child. Doesn’t sound like a fair deal to me.

And as with all things Liberal, it will be the PRODUCERS paying for the non-producers, while the tax-cheats like Rangel pay nothing.

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