The Bible and Immigration Reform

immigrantsignI always experience a little burp of bile whenever I see or hear the Bible quoted by political talking heads.

Without fail verses are quoted selectively, out of context, and to score political points. Like socks thrown into a washing machine or dryer, biblical truth comes out discolored, shrunken, or mysteriously missing.

The problem isn’t the truthfulness of the Bible on controversial issues; it’s the truthfulness of those who misquote the Bible on controversial issues. And lately, few political issues have been more controversial and resulted in more Bible verses being tossed around than the issue of immigration reform.

Jim Wallis, president of the liberal Christian organization Sojourners, in an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times called for “a moral and religious conversation about immigration reform—not just a political one.”

Good idea.

Read the full article at The Christian Post.

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