WHY THE HELL Was Obama on Jay Leno Last Night?

By Jeff Dunetz

Armed with some quips and the latest version of his endless campaign’s stump speech, President Obama appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show last night. 

His appearance on the late night talk/comedy program represented the first time he has publicly  spoken about the al Qaeda terrorist threat since the warnings were first issued at the end of last week.

The POTUS urged Americans to continue to “live our lives” that it’s important not to let terrorists “shut us down” over fears of violence.

“Terrorists depend on the idea that we’re going to be terrorized, We’re going to live our lives.”

He said the latest terrorist warnings were “.

.. a reminder that for all the progress we’ve made, getting [Osama] bin Laden, putting al Qaeda in between Afghanistan and Pakistan back on its heels, that this radical, you know, violent extremism is still out there, and we’ve got to stay on top of it.”

Actually the warnings were a reminder that (to paraphrase one of his 2012 campaign slogans) “Detroit is dead and al Qaeda has the US on the Run.”

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