Anti-War Michelle Unmoved by the Dead Kids

It originally appeared that when it came to Syria, Putin’s diplomatic prowess saved Obama’s sorry butt.

Now, the world comes to find out that Michelle Obama is probably behind the president’s change of heart, especially since Mrs. Obama doesn’t seem like a woman any man would purposely piss off.

Uncomfortable with world opinion turning against him and more than willing to blame anyone else for his indecisive, pusillanimous ways, President Obama is now hinting that keeping the old lady happy is one of the reasons he’s chosen to hold off striking Syria for gassing 1,400 people.

In a recent interview, Obama acknowledged that he is well aware that no one agrees with his newfound war-hawk tendencies, including his wife.

The president confessed: “If you ask Michelle, ‘Do we, do we want to be involved in another war?’ The answer is no.”

That little bit of marital insight makes one wonder whether Obama’s original insistence on militarily striking Syria resulted in his being banished to Sunny and Bo’s doghouse? And whether bunking with the dogs had something to do with his sudden willingness to accept Putin’s suggestion and Assad’s agreement for Syria to place their chemical-weapons under international supervision.

Lightening things up, Barack Obama’s concession during an interview that he’s a tad whipped by his strongly opinionated wife probably gave nemesis Bashar al-Assad and Assad’s buddy, ex-KGB spy Vlad, quite a patriarchal chuckle.

From a domestic standpoint, it must be freeing for Obama to know that he longer has to blame Congress and polls that say that 60% of Americans oppose any strike. The president’s recent, more negotiable decisions are likely driven by his inability to persuade his wife, who even refuses to wait for him to start her Christmas vacation,” that striking Syria is a good idea.

The president intimated that try as he might, Michelle is unmoved by what National Security Advisor Susan Rice described as “little children laying on the ground, their eyes glassy, their bodies twitching.”

Americans, much like the emotionally indifferent first lady, also seem unaffected. And why should they be?

Like the president, Michelle Obama is a partial-birth abortion advocate, and in a nation that kills thousands of babies a day, what’s the big deal about a few hundred kids lying in a Syrian morgue?

In his endeavor to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” apparently Barack Obama has managed to desensitize America to such a degree that the sight of “Children lined up in shrouds, their voices forever silence[d],” as Ms. Rice so vividly described, has little effect on the public’s attitude.

As it turns out, nagging wife Michelle Obama is more forthright than her disingenuous husband.

By the first lady refusing to agree that bombing Syria is justified to avenge some dead kids, she’s preserving the left’s pro-death credo that killing children is acceptable and certainly isn’t something for her husband to start a war over.

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