Benghazi Whistleblower Gets the Shaft

While Susan Rice has made out like a bandit, the man who knows what should have been done on Benghazi has gotten shafted. If only he were an incompetent black woman!

Gregory Hicks, State Department foreign service officer and former deputy chief of mission/charge d’affairs in Libya said that the military could have done more, he expected them to do more, as he told George Stephanopoulos:

“I just thought that they would come,” he said.

Hicks also told Stephanopoulos it may have been possible to save two of the men killed.

Shortly after his comments on the Benghazi situation, he was unceremoniously removed from theater, and he knows why. Retribution.

Had the situation been president George W. Bush removing a competent black man from a State Department post, Bush would have deservedly caught hell. But in a time when lawlessness and racism rule the land, Hicks is left holding the bag.

The State Department had this to say in an email on the situation:

The State Department has not punished Mr. Hicks in any way. We appreciate his exemplary service on the evening of September 11 and his long career as a member of the Foreign Service.

Although the State Department ordinarily does not discuss the details of personnel matters publicly, because he has alleged mistreatment, we will state generally that the circumstances that led to his departure from Libya was entirely unrelated to any statements he may have made relating to the attack in Benghazi.

When Mr. Hicks voluntarily curtailed his assignment, he was in the position of finding another assignment in between standard assignment cycles. The Department made significant efforts to find him a new position at his level, including identifying an overseas position which he declined and succeeded in finding him a short-tour assignment in the Office of the Special Representative for Global

Intergovernmental Affairs, pending the next assignment cycle. We continue to value his service and are working with him through the normal personnel process and assignment timetable to identify his next permanent assignment.

The State Department is deeply committed to meeting its obligation to protect employees and the State Department does not tolerate or sanction retaliation against whistleblowers on ANY ISSUE, including Benghazi.

And they have whistleblower Edward Snowden as a reference.

Don’t let the death of these men in Benghazi be forgotten. Visit to see what is being done to NEVER FORGET!

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