The Brass Tacks of Gun Control

Authors note:
Once the shooting at the Navy Yard occurred yesterday in Washington D.C., out of respect, I had determined to wait an appropriate length of time to submit a rejoinder to the all too predictable, anti-gun left. Sadly, given our current politics, it doesn’t take the intuition of Nostradamus to know the off target and misguided salvo would first come from their camp.
Last night on CNN, Piers Morgan reignited the debate over gun control. So I feel no remorse in adjusting my sight picture, going full safeties off and engaging. Indeed, it is about time someone explained the brass tacks of gun control.


By J. Andrew Peak

In the wake of both the Navy Yard and Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, many Americans are again asking hard questions about gun control in America.

Generally, the conversation centers on the role of firearms in modern society. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s Heller and McDonald decisions, whether or not a citizen has the right to own a firearm has been settled. As if there was any doubt the Bill of Rights meant what it so plainly says.

So here we are, once more discussing gun control. If the past be any guide, the issue is sure to get skewed. One side will spew talking points while the other side rebuts with their focus grouped logic. In the mêlée, usually the main point gets bypassed, glossed over and lost.

Concerning public policy and gun control, the central question today should be:

Does one deranged and suicidal gunman – or six for that matter, who are all obviously disturbed, if not clinically insane – have the right to take others rights away?

The answer must be a resounding no.

The first illegal acts of these madmen were to overtly deprive others of their lives. This is the first right these villains confiscated.

Once the shooting stops, we generally tend to think of the shooter’s damage as being completed. Frequently, our society views these tragic acts as being solely inflicted upon the immediate victims, their families and communities. Sadly this is not the case.

Rampage over; once the scene falls silent, and the gun smoke clears, it is now up to us, the living, to continue the shooter’s destruction.

It’s a strange twist indeed.

As if the acts perpetrated weren’t bad enough, some now insist on furthering the carnage. Where once these madmen deprived their initial victims of their most basic rights: we now grant to the assailant the power to plunge the knife in deeper – in order to deprive yet others of their liberty and property. Now dead and gone, these are the rights and liberties the shooters continue to infringe upon.

Collectively, it is their greatest triumph over, and revenge upon, a society to which, for whatever reason, these unbalanced persons could never fully belong. In a search for safety, we, the living, grant and yield power to these psychotics to reorder our lives and reshape society. A power no doubt they craved during a troubled life, we now assent to give them in repayment for their notorious and villainous acts.

In the process they strip us of our rights.

As a people, we’ve been lectured to by those on the progressive left, that torturing prisoners during a time of war and immediate danger would forsake our American values. The left pleaded with the nation not to let the terrorists win. They warned us about not becoming like them. If we did, they reasoned, we would’ve already lost.

Let’s be clear, these shooters are terrorists.

Exactly what their point is seems rather obvious. According to them, society has forsaken, rejected and in some way let them down. In a final act of desperation, they express to us their disdain for who, what and how we are. Simply put, their goal is to show us. In one last futile act, they’re going to teach us who’s the boss and settle the score.

Now the left asks us to give in and accede to these terrorists. They blithely ask us to forsake our American values and traditions. But in this case, one cannot give up the second amendment without also seriously discussing the forgoing of rights associated with the first amendment.

To travel even further down the rabbit hole, society talks of going after first-person-shooter video games and cracking down upon violent movies. We talk of committing to mental institutions persons who are somewhat unstable. Where the line gets drawn will be up to the experts but no doubt, more than a few innocent, harmless people will be caught amidst the fervor.

In the vortex, their liberty will be consumed and they’ll be tossed into a dark pit. As they fall further, the system they’re involuntarily thrust into will cause them to recede deeper into the shadows. If they weren’t crazy before, they will be in only a few months.

Where do we stop? Will we stop? If not careful, these maniacal shooters will take away even more of both our rights and liberties.

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