The Brass Tacks of Gun Control

Which brings us to the most basic of all questions: Do we let them win? Is it appropriate to give so much credence to these suicidal lunatics?

In other words, do we let the insane set and make policy in this nation?

If so: than we shall be governed irrationally.

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Good government does not govern toward the outliers of society. To do so would be irrational.

Instead, good government lays down the foundation concerning ninety five percent of the population. Each individual circumstance which rises and falls outside of the norms, boundaries or parameters which previously have been established must be taken on a case by case basis. It is why we rely on a jury of our peers.

To attempt to craft a one-size-fits-all gun control statute for a nation with so many local customs and regional dissimilarities is next to impossible. (This is why on a national level; with respect to various issues besides gun control – as a nation – we’re in the mess we’re in. The founders envisioned states doing most of the heavy lifting with regard to their own populations.)

Nevertheless, Congress will at some point attempt to fashion a compromise of sorts. In the process, more irrationality will govern.

Interestingly, the advocates, lobbies and congressmen pushing for gun control, find no real problem with Iran or North Korea acquiring nuclear weapons. Although painfully self evident, they rigorously deny the previous sentiment. Publicly they profess they’d stop both regimes but who really takes them serious?

Certainly not the Ayatollahs or crazy Kim.

According to these liberal progressives, nuclear weapons in the hands of the mullahs – it’s not preferable but we can live with it.  Small arms in the hands of honest, law-abiding citizens – Satan forbid – let’s organize a march on the NRA! After that, we’ll lobby Congress with families from Newtown!

Faced with stopping the bad guys, inevitably questions arise about passing yet another law – when the previous five hundred statutes have failed. It should come as no surprise that legislators legislate – what else is there to do?

Yet any law does not stop law breakers. The law only serves to prescribe guidelines for punishment once an act has occurred. In other words, criminals, by their nature, do not obey the law!

Knowing this, it means that any law is only observed by those who lawfully abide by it. So who is this new gun control legislation fashioned toward?  Obviously those who observe and follow the law.

This brings us to an old axiom of political thought.

If a government cannot trust its law abiding citizen, does the same government, deserve the trust of the citizen?

Will tougher gun control measures work? Will they prevent crime?

If Great Britain be any example, then the answer is assuredly no. Since effectively confiscating guns, knife crime there has risen exponentially. The situation on that tiny island has deteriorated to the point where marches are held protesting knife crime. There is now even talk of, and advocates for, banning knives.

This in a land where Louisville Sluggers are the main weapon of home defense in a country where home invasions continually rise since personal firearms were confiscated. For a nation that doesn’t play ball they certainly buy a lot of bats.

We are told that a system of more rigorous background checks is the answer. Yet the shooter at the Navy Yard underwent a security screening by the Department of Defense. They missed the obvious warning signs during his background check and granted him clearance. And gun free zones only exacerbate the problem. Indeed they are a magnet for such attacks.

If progressives were really serious about saving lives, they’d talk about banning forks. More people have been put in the grave by forks than by guns or knives combined. Don’t worry, Mayor Bloomberg will declare war on tableware right after his big gulp, trans-fat and salt reduction initiatives fail.

It’s faulty logic, but who cares about facts or results when the intentions are so good. Besides, they’re paying for your healthcare now. Before the dinnerware gets any bad press, Nanny B, and those like him, must go after guns!

And because the government is paying for your healthcare, they will use higher medical costs associated with gunshot violence, as a justification to ultimately pass punitive taxes on ammunition along with the sale or transfer of firearms. There is now even talk of forcing legal gun owners to insure and indemnify themselves. Oh, you’ll be able to have a firearm – if you can afford it.

But let’s get back on point and discourse on what the talking heads are discussing. Where in society, does a high-capacity magazine belong?

In my gas operated rifle.

Gun control

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