Game of Thrones: GOP v. Conservative Power Plays

In the latest move to show what a devoted Conservative he is, Karl “The Architect” Rove attempted to explain why Ted Cruz was placed on the naughty list by unnamed, “Top Republicans.”

Last week Ted Cruz and Mike Lee led the House in voting on a spending bill that defunded Obamacare through Mid-December. Just a week prior, everyone was saying it couldn’t be done. But in an effort to pause the unconstitutional debacle that threatens to clean out America’s collective bank account for the foreseeable future, Cruz and Lee pushed forward.

This is great news for Republicans, considering most of them ran on a platform of defunding the (not so) Affordable Healthcare Act. Or is it?

In an interview on Fox News, Chris Wallace questioned Rove, “as soon as we listed Ted Cruz as our featured guest this week, I got unsolicited research and questions — not from Democrats, but from top Republicans — to hammer Cruz. Why are Republicans so angry at Ted Cruz?”

Rove’s response is telling, “Well, because this was a strategy laid out by [Sens.] Mike Lee and Ted Cruz without any consultation with their colleagues.”

Here…let me translate that for you, “Teddy’s not playing fair!”

The Republican Elite have clearly not learned a thing from the past. The reason Conservatives have grown weary of the Republican powers-that-be is because they seem to believe Washington is just a big game. And these boys don’t even care if they lose the game! They just want to punish anyone who doesn’t play by their rules.

During the elections of 2012, the stated objective of many Republicans was to do everything within their power to take down Obamacare. That battle cry was one of the only things getting out the base (odd… it wasn’t Romney?). That promise was the reason many Republicans were elected. But when someone showed the courage to come forward and take a positive step in that direction, high-ranking Republicans cut in to try and put a stop to their efforts.

The fear of being blamed with “shutting down the Government” was too much for their weak constitutions. Thus, they have proven once more for the entire world to see they are more interested in style than they are in substance.

So, exactly what has Karl Rove done for the Conservatives?

Rove, who is credited with giving us not one, but two George W. Bush terms, has given Republicans other legislators over the last 6 years as well.

In 2008 Rove gave us the great RINO John McCain. Swell! In 2012, he followed up by helping to deliver decidedly moderate Mitt Romney as the Republican Presidential nominee. Wow! That worked out great for the Party too!

Face it Conservatives — Karl Rove may have been the architect of many things, but the only thing he’s built in the past 6 years is a bridge of Republican backsides for Democrats to walk over.

So, when top Republicans made it clear they were not going to offer anything to threaten Obamacare, Cruz and Lee called their bluff. By the time they were finished, even Johnny-Fay Boehner had signed on.

And so it is that they led the House in a victory to temporarily defund Obamacare.

Senator Jeff Session, a true Conservative voice that has been around Washington for 15 years contributed this encouragement to Senators Cruz, Lee and Paul:

“…people get elected, they promise to do something about the slide of this country and they come here fighting for it, and we ought to respect them and support them and not try to undermine them.”

Cruz, Lee (and Sessions) are a rarity in Washington. They are men who consistently say what they mean then follow up on what they say.

Now, we shouldn’t be so naïve as to think most in the gravitational pull of D.C corruption will escape unsullied, but in this brief moment of Conservative sanity, pray that Cruz and Lee will be joined by others to stem the tidal wave of Progressivism sweeping over the Nation. We have to be ready to send a strong message to Washington.

We’ve got to stop expecting small men with selfish motives to swing the Republican Party back to the right. It’s time to stop living in a fool’s paradise.


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