Who Knew that Chicken Wings Are RACISTS!

chicken wings

chicken wingsHoly Hooters! PETA has put a scare in the community…the black community.

In what amounts to racist fear-mongering, PETA claims that pregnant women eating chicken wings can cause baby boys to have small penises. Maybe in Appalachia! But not in da hood.

If one is to believe “the myth,” well this is certainly not true.

Let’s play along, however, as this new declaration by PETA begs the question, “Exactly how it is that the only part on the chicken that affects penis size is the WING!?”

Why doesn’t eating chicken breasts affect a boy’s penis size, as ironically that makes more sense. I mean one erogenous zone affecting another, makes a bit more sense.

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If PETA thinks this will stop black women from eating chicken pre or post-pregnancy, I suggest they try a different strategy. Perhaps tell black women that eating chicken wings might make them abandon welfare or to find a father for their children.


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