Krauthammer on Putin Op-Ed: These are the fruits of an epically incompetent foreign policy

Dr. Charles Krauthammer sums up Putin’s NYT op-ed as the result of a “completely incompetent, epically incompetent foreign policy.”

Got that right Charles. And incompetence may be the only quality in which Obama is epic!

“Here is the president of the greatest Democracy on earth, being lectured — insultingly really — in an American newspaper, about human rights, about international law, about the protection of the elderly and children in wartime.

I mean the chutzpah of writing that by a KGB THUG whose last adventure in the world was to invade Georgia, to attach 2 of its provinces and declare them independent. And who for the last decade has been supplying Assad, whom we are essentially calling a war criminal, with huge amounts of weaponry, including the elements of poison gas…

What we’re seeing here is Putin so confident of himself after Obama had to this face-saving negotiation, that he could actually engage in this. It’s an index of Obama has been played and continues to be in Geneva.”

Barack Obama is the laughing stock of the G20 and the world. Only in Hollywood and socialist circles across America is Obama still looked upon favorably.

The very fact the Ex-KGB Lieutenant Colonel Putin excoriates the POTUS front and center in the New York Times should tell Americans all they need to know about Barack Obama, the president Islamists deride, Marxists love, and patriots scorn.

May God help America.


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