The Meaning of 9-11: Before and After

It was supposedly an historic event to elect a black president.  The side who voted for him–the real racists–marveled that a black man could be elected; while we took it as a non-event.  I speak for many of us, when I say that we just didn’t elect the right black man.

Conservatives knew that America had long been ready to elect a black president. We knew this because we are not racists.

The fact is our problem with Obama is not because he is black.  Our problem with Obama is his policies mimic those of African dictators, of which he may very well be one!

We are witnessing first-hand the attempt to dismantle America as we have known it. And the Left fight tooth and nail, armed with nothing but EMOTION, and not a lick of truth or logic. Because they could not care less about truth and logic, and truth and logic tend to get in the way.

Those who live by the sword get SHOT by those who don’t.

Here is what 9-11 is all about.

Africa is a glorious continent, with spectacular people representing 53 countries, and who speak 422 different languages. I have witnessed Africa’s splendor first hand. The diversity of wildlife, the Nile River, Victoria Falls, the Sahara Desert.  African beaches are truly awe-inspiring and host some of the world’s most majestic sunrises and sunsets. Africa has a unique beauty.

All that said, I would not trade one acre of America for all that is Africa … for I am a pre-911 American.

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