Obama: No WMDs But Russian AK47s Are Fine

Post press conference, and nothing is new. What did Obama manage to accomplish with all his bravado? He got the Russians a nice gun deal!

What’s more interesting than Obama’s faux bravado is how readily he has handed over the reigns of “Leader of the Free World” to Vladimir Putin.

Obama’s “tough guy by proxy” John Kerry had this to say as he backed down from the “drive by,” to counter with the turncoat, tail-between-the-legs approach:

“So let me be clear,” he continued. “The United States of America, President Obama, myself, others are in full agreement that the end of the conflict in Syria requires a political solution.”

So let me be clear. Obama threatened to bomb Syria without permission or provocation. Then asked Congress for permission. Then spoke with his comrade, and all is quiet on the Middle-Eastern front.

Congress can stand down, and we will take a wait-and-see attitude over what was a crisis described last night as “a matter of national security.”

How does it feel America to find out that Syrian citizens are more important than American citizens. Obama said this was for the KIDS! Well what about American kids, particularly black kids, dying at rates that make Syria look like a Quinceanera.

Like clockwork, the Left who dragged George Bush behind a pickup is attempting to spin Obama’s SPEECH as some diplomatic coup. How Reaganesque that Obama’s “missile-slinger” tactics got Syria to turn over their WMDs. I guess that will end the killin’s, right Buckaroo.

As Obama said, this was about showing what America represents, as if he has any idea. The same man who called us arrogant, whose attorney general called us a “nation of cowards,” and whose party calls our military “baby killers,” now has concern about what the world think.

I guess it’s not nation-abuse if it’s done by the president?

And who is Obama protecting by going after Assad? Terrorists and other miscreants, and he admitted this!

The good news is that Obama’s bravado did get the Russians a big fat GUN DEAL! I guess now, the Syrians can do what Rahm Emanuel said about Chicago, a city whose murder rate is certainly a primer for how to prosecute a civil war:

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