Remember when Obama promised to bankrupt coal? That’s tomorrow.

By: Ben Howe (Diary)

In case you’ve forgotten Obama’s promises concerning coal…

That was way back in 2008 when President Obama was merely a candidate. Five years later, his dreams of bankrupting coal are getting taken up a notch.

Tomorrow, Dear Leader is set to unveil a regulation that forms the centerpiece of his “anti-climate change” policy announced awhile back to much green fawning.

This new regulation will reportedly ban all future coal-fired power plant construction.

Yes, you read that right.

Obama is set to ban all future coal-fired power plant construction tomorrow by regulatory fiat.

Now, of course, the regulation will not actually say “no one may ever again construct a power plant that burns coal to produce electricity anywhere in the United States of America.”

Instead, it will just say you can’t build anything in future that emits more than a certain amount of greenhouse gas and then set a really low number that is commercially untenable as the relevant highest amount that can be emitted in order for a plant to be legally constructed.

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