How to SEE God

GodI am amazed at atheists and agnostics. Their thoughts on God are perplexing and prove to me that they have no idea how to use their minds.

They can’t see the obvious.

In this story about a family who had a son with Down Syndrome, I am reminded of God. Most of you have heard me discuss my feelings about people I meet with Down Syndrome, that they are indeed a glimpse of the greatness of God, with their non-judgmental and loving nature.

God doesn’t judge. He lays out rules, and then you decide whether or not to follow them. But God knows that we are not perfect. We were never meant to be.

Liberals see a person with Down Syndrome and they think, “That person has a problem.” Perhaps. They see Down Syndrome as a problem. But what about what we DON’T see in Liberals. Their nature.

I wouldn’t take a million of the highest profile Liberals for ONE child with Down Syndrome. At least with that child you will always know where you stand.

Read the story of this family here


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