A Strategy for Slaying the GOP Establishment

So why not count those “vacated votes” in the form of a protest?

Indeed disenfranchised conservatives should have some outlet – some accounting of their sentiments. They need to be heard. And heard loud and clear.  Besides, it is far better to have their “vacated votes” recorded than to simply walk away.

If this strategy of refusal and defiance is executed and followed though, the message has to be delivered overtly to the political class, and in no uncertain terms. In doing so, the calculus will change.

But the message has to be coordinated and recorded. If you’re good at organizing, bored and looking for a project, perhaps this is for you.

Following each election, we continually hear the pollsters say more people are being turned off by politics. But the question is: “Why?”

I submit because, on the Republican side anyway, they stand for very little. People have left the GOP because they see what it has become. They have been disrobed and left totally naked. Conservatives see there’s no longer much of a difference or any sort of sharp contrast.

In short, Republicans have no principle or backbone.

So would this strategy of, “If you don’t do this, I’m finished!” be effective?

Earlier in her piece, Mrs. Palin said,

“We’d like to believe that the GOP establishment would applaud the way these bold leaders [Cruz and Lee] have rallied the grassroots to their cause. But, no, such praise would require a commensurate level of guts and leadership, and the permanent political class in D.C. is nothing if not gutless and rudderless.”

If this be true – if the political class is gutless – they will listen. But only if large enough numbers, sufficient to sway a single election, threaten to pull out and vacate. And only if later, they are documented and recorded in a manner that can be cross-referenced to a name that did not vote.

The good news is, it will not take many people to accomplish this goal. That’s the one perk of a closely divided electorate. A relatively small sample has a very large impact. In fact, Rush Limbaugh could single handedly do it with one quarter of his daily audience – about 4 to 5 million people.

A comprehensive accounting of disenfranchised, staunch conservatives would be the giant elephant in the midst of other little elephants. If an accurate counting of dropout conservatives were to occur, it would break the back of the establishment. This is because money in the form of campaign donations only flows to those with an actual chance of winning.

People do not bet on sure losers. With an electoral model in disarray those funds would eventually cease to flow. And absent a plausible model, the GOP establishment and consultant class is ruined. Without money, the beast is starved and slain.

This is how you take on, beat and destroy the establishment. Dry up the money: it is the mother’s milk of politics.

Be under no illusion though…this is a strategy of scorched earth. It will be a bloody affair and it will not be pretty. But if your primary goal is to destroy the GOP establishment and overthrow the power structure in D.C. it will work – if verifiable proof can be shown.

The greatest failing of the GOP establishment is that too often they believe the possible, to be impossible. It is why they will wholly dismiss this as a viable strategy. Additionally, they’ve become lazy and too afraid to fight the political battles. In short, they’re all too comfortable upon the silk beds they’ve fashioned for themselves.

Why fight the tough battles in congress when you can collect a paycheck for just showing up and continually get reelected? And why alienate the larger machine when you can land a lucrative gig in a cushy lobbying firm on K Street?

Permit me to be clear: absent the adoption of term limits, the primaries are the best place to remedy this problem.

It is far better to put forth and support the candidate of your choosing. But once the primary is over, (after the conservative vote is once more split between three primary candidates – two of whom were funded by the establishment to do precisely that), and voters are stuck again with yet another progressive GOP establishment type, what other choice or message is left?

Perhaps walking away from the election is the only way to get most members of the establishment GOP out of office.

No doubt some will object and hysterically offer, “What you’re suggesting, will only serve to elect democrats.”

The answer is: “That is true. But only so long as they ignore us.”

To which the same person would counter, “But if done, that will hurt the country!”

“Of course it will. But it is far better to have the ignominy of ruining our country not staining both your hands and your reputation. Stated differently, it is vastly preferential not to elect active participants in that destruction – which many on “our” side so plainly have become.

Perhaps then, at some point down the road, with a broader reputation both intact and unblemished, the larger electorate will actually listen to the candidates we field. Perhaps then, we can actually repair the damage.”

Put another way, “What good does it do, to elect republicans if they won’t do the job you sent them there to do? What purpose does it serve? Besides a bad reputation, what have we gained?”

Or better yet, don’t listen to me, listen to Clint Eastwood, who said at the Republican National Convention, “When someone does not do the job – we gotta let ‘em go.”

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