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Syria Rebels and the US Prez That Loves Them

Syria RebelsObama doesn’t know how debt works, but he knows what’s happening in Syria?

Obama is thanking his communist partner Vladimir for bailing him out in Syria. The rectal pain remains, but it was a small price to pay for the potential fallout of Obama’s idiotic threat to bomb Syria over Iraq’s WMDs. But it gets worse, as Obama admitted that he could be arming our enemies. In his logic, it was justified.

We have even more evidence of the nature of Obama’s Syrian friends, those whom he recently allowed to have assault weapons, and other U.S. aid. These are the people who are cutting the necks of their enemies (there is ample video evidence, too gruesome for us to show), including Christians. I actually saw a picture of a decapitated child, her head cut off because she was a Christian.

The people who Barack Obama supports chained this little girl to a gate, so she could watch her parents be executed.

Who knows how many of these atrocities have been done by “friends of Barack,” but Obama wants bomb Assad, because supposedly Assad killed “some” kids in the alleged sarin gas attack that allegedly killed 400 Syrians.

With Liberals running America (and the world for that matter), it’s just a matter of time before America begins witnessing these atrocities first-hand.

Syria is yet another glaring example of Obama inept foreign policy, and his legacy of stupidity won’t end until he is gone.

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