Think ACORN is dead? Check your wallet

ACORNLiberal crooks are more resilient that cockroaches.

And these Liberal crooks and scoundrels can withstand the nuclear fallout of any scandal — be they Susan Rice who was promoted for the Benghazi debacle, or Hillary Clinton, who the Left views as a viable presidential candidate.

All you need to become a Liberal leader, free from prosecution, persecution or other scrutiny is to suck at your job, with a bonus if you are disgraced with a scandal.

Holy Charlie Rangel!  ACORN‘s former leader, the race-baiting, prostitution-promoting poverty pimp Bertha Lewis is back on top.

Lewis is a co-founder of the Working Families Party, which is the Left’s version of the Tea Party, except that the Working Families Party is funded with money of Tea Party members. While Bertha Lewis continues to tap into the corrupt funding source of the Democrats, most Tea Party organizations function by their memberships with small donations.

Because of the war chest funded by the American taxpayer, Bertha Lewis’ corrupt Leftwing organization is able to “select” the next mayor and attorney general of NYC, namely Bill de Blasio for mayor and Kenneth Thompson for Brooklyn district attorney.

If you noticed that when it comes to who are the masters of the plantation, Bertha Lewis and other black Liberals are fine with white leaders…because that’s where the money is.

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