Being Worthless Gets You PROMOTED in Obama Administration

Susan Rice proved herself to be the biggest stooge in the Obama administration, and that’s tough to accomplish, given all the President’s buffoons.

However, as in Bizarro World, being a moron is actually good.

The woman went off half-cocked to announce on Sept 11 that the Benghazi fiasco was caused by a video. THEN, to be certain we understood she was an idiot par excellence, she said that the Benghazi flare-up was spontaneous. That the raid had nothing to do with Muslim jihadis attacking sovereign American soil and killing 4 citizens, including two Navy SEALS and one Ambassador on the anniversary of Sept 11.

Rice was bucking for promotion, and that’s just what she got. She was promoted, put on ice, and now she is back front and center to give briefings on Syria!

Speaking on CBS’s “Face the Nation” today, House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers (R.-Mich.) pointed to the administration’s decision to have Rice brief members of Congress about this issue on the anniversary of the Benghazi attacks as emblematic of the administration’s bumbling approach to making its case for intervening in Syria.

On Monday, Rice will give a speech about Syria to the New America Foundation, then speak to the Congressional Black Caucus and participate in a classified briefing that the administration will provide to members of Congress, the Associated Press has reported. She will then participate in another classified briefing for Congress on Wednesday–which will be the twelfth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S. homeland and the one year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the State Department and CIA facilities in Benghazi, Libya.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Why not bring Daschle back to brief Congress on paying one’s taxes or Hillary Clinton on playing the commodity market?

I got one…have Janet Napolitano brief Congress on the proper wearing of Victoria’s Secret lingerie, or Elena Kagan brief Congress on tips for Sports Illustrated swimsuit models!

Don’t let the fallen at Benghazi be forgotten. Visit for details.


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