25 Celebs When They Were Young

YoungSome of these are AMAZING! Betty White being pretty risqué, if you ask me?

I won’t lie, I’ve wondered what some older women looked like when they were young. They just managed to keep it together for their age.

Now before you accuse me of going cougar hunting, think again. I can just appreciate the beauty that may be hidden to most, though not for recreational purposes.

Just look at Helen Mirren. I saw her in a comedy a few years back…I believe the movie was Calendar Girls, about a group of older women who wanted to do a calendar.

I remembered seeing Helen Mirren in a bathing suit, and thinking, “I bet Helen was a DISH back in the day.” For her age, she was smoking.

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Guess what? I was RIGHT!

Here is the link to the others. Expect to be shocked at a few.



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