Al Jazeera & Al Gore – Two Fat Zeros

It appears that the same amount of people are watching Al Jazeera as were watching Al Gore’s Current: Zero.

Hard to believe that anybody can poll worse than MSNBC, particularly given that Al Sharpton is the highest rated show on MSNBC. Who watches that fool?

MSNBC has to feel good to not be on the bottom of the media pile, at least for the time being.

According to Mediaite:

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The network’s worst performer in primetime last week was 10 p.m.’s Consider This, hosted byAntonio Mora. The current affairs talk show finished out the week with an average of 9k total viewers and only 3k in the demo. According to Nielsen ratings figures, on Thursday evening the show racked up a 0 in the demo score.

The network’s flagship program, 9 p.m.’s America Tonight never hit rock-bottom with the 0 demo rating, but things didn’t look so pretty regardless. The newsmagazine-style show pulled in an average of 18.6k total viewers, with 7.4k in the demo.

Other AJAM primetime shows like Ali Velshi‘s Real Money fared better for the week (30.6k total/14.8k demo), but on a few nights managed to dip into the single digits and, yes, zero demo ratings.

I think Al Jazeera might have jumped the gun in thinking that the U.S. is ready for the Terrorist News Network.



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