America Will Self-Correct After Obama

I don’t expect America to be perfect, and I know America has made some mistakes. But boy do we know how to correct them. And we will self-correct from the mistake of electing Obama.

The anti-American naysayers declare that we are all from somewhere else–the inherent message being that America was stolen and none of us can lay claim to the land. They say that we invaded what is now America, attacked the Indians, then took their land and livelihoods. We forced them to live in squalid camps. Liberals say that we took their dignity.

I admit that the Indians got a bad deal. A well-meaning group of immigrants left oppression, then came to America and oppressed. The interlopers got greedy and the Indians paid for it; many with their lives. We relocated the Indians from their homes and gave them the badlands. And if America had remained the America run by Democrat Andrew Jackson, who referred to the people whose land he stole as “savages,” today I would be outraged. But today, the Indians have the opportunity to feast, and some are.

The Pequot Indians of Connecticut run the largest casino in America. The tribe guarantees every person in the nation a college education, and adults are guaranteed a $60K a year job, I’m told. That’s better than the deal you can get from any Liberal, including the king of redistribution himself.

Speaking of Africans, Liberals say that Americans went to Africa, discovered black people, then enslaved them. Forced blacks to work on plantations as slaves. Liberals have certainly taken liberties with a common practice of the time, though abhorrent.

Nevertheless, when freedom was demanded, many Americans (Democrats) wanted war to continue the practice. Republicans won, the slaves were freed, and despite Democrats attempts to keep oppressing blacks, the American Spirit prevailed.

Thus, years later, black people have it pretty good in America. We don’t own casinos; but we aren’t doing too badly.  We like it here, and we want to stay. It’s a rare occasion for a black person to leave America, even to vacation. Blacks know about Africa, but black people don’t seem to want to live there.

Black Liberals adapt all kinds of African customs, hair styles, couture, dance, and so on, but they don’t want to go, because Africa sucks. I’m not talking about their people, or the animals, or the natural wonders. That’s all fantastic. I’m talking about their governments.

I’d rather live in Detroit than live in any country in Africa. On a continent with 53 countries run by black people, very few “African Americans” are searching for their roots and relocating to the Motherland.

Life in Africa is so bad, that almost every African country has a lottery for Africans to get the opportunity to come to America.

Disgruntled blacks in American can go to live in Africa with no obstructions, and they will not go. Blacks who do visit African for the reasons mentioned earlier, visit, then get their butts back to America–Land of the free, home of the African-America! And home of clean water and constant electrical service. Oh, and great food, and modern conveniences. Oh, and FREEDOM!

Despite our problems, America remains the greatest country in the world. Sure there are shinier newer places, like Dubai. Big deal. Dubai will never have the “it” factor that America has, even if they possessed all the money in the world. Dubai is just the “flavor of the day.”

The American Spirit cannot be purchased or duplicated.

America is one of the only countries that self-corrects. When America decided that slavery was wrong–which occurred at the founding of our nation—the Founding Fathers, some slave owners, wrote it out of the Constitution. The American Spirit prevailed over self-indulgence.

The American Spirit also overcame the poor treatment of women, a lesson the Middle East can learn. The American Spirit trounced the lack of civil rights for blacks and other minorities, and it beat back discrimination against gays. Rules that protect humanity were not written for America. All the war treaties that were enacted to show mercy in times of war were created for other countries, not us.

The treaty of 1839, the 1907 Hague Convention, the 1925 Geneva Protocol and so on were enacted because of the atrocities of other governments. And for the most part, America has been policing atrocities for decades, not committing them. America has been and will always be the voice of reason in warfare.

Who drops atomic bombs on people then decides that should never happen again. Can you imagine Hitler with nukes? Middle Eastern despots?

Under decades of Liberalism, America has fallen into decay. Obama’s administration showcases the effects of unchecked Liberalism better than any other, with things like the big powerful malevolent government, reverse discrimination, rampant poverty, and the list goes on. However, America will self-correct. That is what the American Spirit is all about.

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