Bob Costas and the Effects of Too Much Botox

Bob Costas must be using Nancy Pelosi’s plastic surgeon, and he has too much Botox in his system. This is why he says stupid stuff.

Or maybe he has gotten too close to Keith Olbermann, as Costas has decided to chime in on the Redskin controversy that isn’t. Bob Costas and every other sportscaster has been using Redskins, Seminole, and every other Indian name for years, and haven’t given it a second thought.

I wrote about this awhile back, saying that these names are TRIBUTES to Indians, and in no way denigrate them. Costas’ comments are just a way for him to remind America how BIG he is.

Costas believes he transcends sports. He is bigger than the teams, the players, and the pageantry of it all, because he is their mouthpiece.

Costas wants Americato believe it’s time we changed our views on Indians, and Indian names of teams. Why? Because Costas SAYS SO!

What America should be asking Costas and other meddling Leftists is why don’t they have teams with tributes to BLACK people, and I’m not talking about the Carolina Panthers.

Where is MLK, Jr’s team? Or Malcolm X’s? When will there be a team named in “honor” of the Congressional Black Caucus? Now that we have a “black” president, who will be the first to change their name to Obama?

There are no tributes to slavery, with teams like The San Francisco Freedmen, or the San Diego Sharecroppers.



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