Children: Government Shutdown’s Collateral Damage

ShutdownAs part of an Obama shutdown edict, an elderly couple has been evicted from their home located on federally-owned Lake Mead in Nevada.

The Obama family, however, is still living comfortably at federally-owned 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, compliments of the American people.

Moreover, while the Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health is suspending its dog therapy program because of the government shutdown, it’s likely the Obama family dogs, Bo and Sunny, are still getting quality gourmet dog food delivered directly to the door of the White House.

For those who’ve been busy loading applications on their iPhones, this sort of shutdown madness began when the spiteful Obama administration caused kids with cancer to be excluded from participating in clinical trials. After all, in the scheme of things, what are a few dead kids if it stops Republicans from defunding healthcare?

Let’s remember, Barack Obama is the nation’s number one promoter of abortion, be it first, second, third, or even, if necessary – so as not to undermine the original intent of aborting a baby…

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