The Death of Christianity in America (Part III – School and Scripture)

And to our shame, we do this with the full knowledge that any thought of God or faith must be checked at the door.

In a speech to the Delaware Indian Chiefs on May 12th, 1779, George Washington said,

“What students would learn in American schools above all is the religion of Jesus Christ.” [George Washington / May 12th, 1779]

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This type of thinking has long since disappeared from our educational institutions, but we still insist that the system can be “fixed”. Because of the behemoth Teachers’ Unions have become, “fixing” means a continual call for more funding.

And as government involvement increases, parental involvement decreases. If we are to repair our educational system, abandoning it may be the only choice that remains. In the absence of serious competition, those in power will find new and more costly ways to hold that power.

We must then choose a better education option for our children, so that we can train them with our faith and morals. We need to understand what the Government knows all too well: our children are the only power we have to shape the future of America.

Alternatives are never easy.

Like streams of water, people generally choose a path of least resistance. “Going with the flow” is always the simplest course, because it presents the least amount of obstacles. The excuses for failing to choose an alternative are many, and seemingly well reasoned.

Taking personal responsibility for the education of our children is the most important thing we can do for our future and for the future of America.

Because of the supposed obstacles in our way, we take the easy route of leaving the education of our children to individuals with conflicting values, Liberal educations and, in many cases questionable motives. By ignoring our role in the education of our kids, we sacrifice our offspring to the gods of complacency.

When we choose to bring children into this world they number among our primary responsibilities. What we fail to understand is that we risk giving up our children’s future, and possibly their salvation for the sake of “convenience”.

In effect, our offspring are being offered up to the whims of politicians in exchange for expediency or material possessions.

Time to reclaim our preeminent duty to our children.