I Got Joe the Plumber in Trouble

Joe the PlumberJoe the Plumber got accused of being a racist for re-posting my article, “America Needs a White Republican President.”

Silly that Joe and I thought the Ebony and Ivory Two Nekkid Heads Tour would end racism in America. I guess there are still too many Liberals for that to ever happen.

Oh…and the lamestream media is no help.

The lamestream media jumped all over Joe for MY article.

Through what has now become standard operating procedure for Liberal “journalist,” none of them researched the origin of the article. Much to their surprise and chagrin, the article was written by a 91 percent black man (9 percent “Engine”…Indian for the non-pc, and Native American for the racists).

Read Joe’s rebuttal to this, and the fact that Fox News got it wrong as well.

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