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Government, Pimps, and Guns

PimpsCalifornia’s Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, gets this one right: in CA it’s legal to shoot and kill your pimp.

A Southern California woman who received a life sentence as a teenager in 1994, for killing her former pimp, will get her freedom. Sara Kruzan was 17 when she was imprisoned for shooting George Gilbert Howard, and Jerry Brown decided not to block a parole board’s ruling that grants her freedom.

Of interest to me is Kruzan’s testimony that resulted in her freedom and how much of her treatment was endorsed by the Liberal agenda:

She contended that he had sexually abused her.
He groomed her for six years to work as a child prostitute.
Liberals condone pedophilia. The ACLU protects the rights of pedophiles. Schools are constantly attempting to sexualize your children, as early as the 2nd grade.

CA Sen. Leland Yee called Kruzan’s case the “perfect example of adults who failed her, of society failing her.”

Yee went on to say that “a predator” had “stalked her, raped her, forced her into prostitution, and there was no one around” to help or protect her.

Our government is a predator, not unlike the pimp who Kruzan shot. The government stalks the taxpayer, and ultimately molests us, over and over.

And the government has groomed taxpayers into submission, calling out-of-control spending, “investments,” and spending wildly despite taxpayer angst. Finally, when government wants something, they simply take it, as with Obamacare.

Government is quite simply a pimp. At least now you know why the government doesn’t want you to have guns.

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