Hillary Clinton testing “Blame Bush” strategy

Hillary ClintonHillary “Leave Four Men Behind” Clinton trots out the Obama meme of “Blame Bush,” while at London’s Chatham House.

The woman who left the State Department in shambles now proffers that she had a strategy to get America back on track from the Bush years. The question is who can get us back on track from the Hillary Clinton years!

Chatham House, a UK International Affairs think tank announced:

Winner 2013 – Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been awarded this year’s Chatham House Prize in recognition of her significant and impressive contribution to international diplomacy as US Secretary of State and her work on behalf of gender equality and opportunities for women and girls.

Holy Cow these people are delusional.

The woman who gave the Russians the “easy button,” to Arab Spring, and she wants to blame Bush!

The foreign policy of America is chaotic, to put it nicely. I’d like Hillary Clinton to point to a single success story for which she can take credit. I’m guessing she will soon begin saying that she killed Osama bin Laden.

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